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National Training Card

Carry your training records with you always. Instant access - Online, via Smart Card, NFC sticker or RFID key fob. Records delivered in realtime.

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National Training Card

User & Corporate Administrator Edition
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Smart Devices


Digital ID Card

Produced by one of the UK's leading debit card manufacturers. Your credit card sized National Training Digital ID Card comes pre-printed with your name and membership number embossed on the front together with automatic digital access to your records.

Unlike training cards printed on a home printer, your National Training ID card will be something you or your users will want to keep on your person.

Contactless Key Fob..

Put this on your key ring and never be stuck without your training records again. Tapping your key fob with any newish mobile phone, Android, iOS or otherwise will instantly bring up your training records. No software required. Additional fobs available for a nominal fee.


Anti-Metal Smart Sticker

Your National Training NFC sticker can be stuck anywhere, will withstand all weathers, not be affected by the environment and requires no batteries. Simply bring a mobile phone towards it and that will produce enough static electricity to charge the sticker and for it to transmit your encrypted training records webpage to the device.

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    The Contractors Friend

    The No1 fit for the National Training Card is with contractors. Both the key fob and smart sticker provide instant access to training records. No more stoppages

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    A Card For Business

    Manage the training records of up to 10,000 users with our free & interactive management suite.

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    A Card For Professionals

    Training managers and human resources teams tell us that the National Training Card has significantly improved their training management proceedures

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    The Perfect Portal

    Users have rated our management portal a 9.5/10 in terms of simplicity and ease of use. So why not sign up today and try it out. All accounts are totally free.

Full Membership

From just £13.50 you'll receive a full set of the devices above, printed and pre-loaded with all your training information.

Never be without your training records or qualifications again.. Management accounts are available for those who manage the training of others. All accounts are free of charge.

So why not sign up today?