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National Training Card

Carry your training records with you always. Instant access - Online, via Smart Card, NFC sticker or RFID key fob.

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Training Records Always..

Carry your training records around with you at all times, no matter what the course or where the training took place. Introducing the NEW National Training Smart ID Card, RFID key fob & NFC sticker. 

  • For Card Holders


    No More Stoppages ..

    Carrying a national training card and associated NTC smart devices means no more stoppages. Whenever & whatever training evidence of yours is called upon, you will always have those records with you & ready to hand at all times.

    Every card holder receives an NTC smart card, RFID key fob and an NFC sticker

    Your privacy is important to us. As a National Training Card holder you get to decide on what of your training history and personal information you make available to others. 

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    For Safety Officers

    NFC Stickers

    No More Excuses ..

    Verifying training records is easy. Retrieve them either online, via the user's smart card or by tapping their RFID key fob or antimetal sticker with a smartphone. No software required.

    Our passive smart stickers can be placed anywhere providing instant validation of training records on the go and without causing any disruption whatsoever to the card holder.

    All newish versions of Android and iPhone have the NFC feature / software installed by default. 

  • For HR Professionals

    training card for HR professionals

    Training All In One Place..

    With an NTC master account you can view, manage and maintain up to 10,000 user training records online, quickly and easily. Information you provide will be updated and available on the users devices instantly & in realtime

    Historical training from 3rd parties can also be quickly and easily  uploaded onto a user's account by you or by an increasing number of participating training organisations.

    The smart technology held by the user never needs replacing. Replacement cards, tags & smart stickers available on request.

  • For Business

    Training card for professionals

    One Card To Rule Them All ..

    Spanning multiple industries, the National Training Card scheme takes the hassle out of managing staff training. Especially those who are regularly asked to produce evidence of their training or competency in order to work or perform a specific job. 

    Passive smart devices. Automatically updated and designed to be worn or be carried on the person remain up to date at all times. 

    Smart cards contain the same technology as a debit card. Our RFID key fobs and anti-metal stickers can be scanned by any smartphone without having to install any software. All of our devices are passive and none require batteries. The can also be used to validate a user's ID.

  • How Does It Work

    Using a blend of secure web based record keeping and the latest in contactless technology, the National Training Card scheme gives holders the ability to carry all of their training records around with them at all times.

    Records are maintained in real-time meaning that whenever called upon that user's training history is always up-to-date. 

    Any persons requiring or needing to validate a card holders training records need only to tap the key fob or smart sticker with a  mobile phone, scan the QR code or search the training records of that user on the NTC website.

    The training information provided is encrypted & protected under the GDRP and card holders decide on who and on how much of their training data is made available to others.

  • What is the technology?

    Much the same as a debit card, the NTC smart card contains the user's name, creation date, NTC number, a contactless chip and a scannable QR code.  The key fob has either a scannable QR code or contactless NFC chip and the smart stickers a passive NFC ring. 

    The smart stickers are anti-metal meaning that they can be placed anywhere and will work in all weathers and not affected by the presence of disruptive frequencies about the environment. 

    User information is web based and encrypted meaning that only by scanning or tapping one of the smart products will that user's training information be displayed.     

  • Features

    * National Training Card passive devices come in a range of easy to carry formats.

    * Smart card, key fob & NFC sticker - Never require updating

    * Designed for users to carry the devices by default         

    * Uses the latest in contactless technology 

    * Authenticated & verified records provide unquestionable validation

    * Works for all training completed no matter the date or originating training organisation

    * One card for all qualifications and training

  • Benefits

    * Saves considerable time, effort and money

    * Never any downtime whilst waiting for proof of training

    * Users unable to forget to carry their device

    * Shows clients and key partners that you are organised and take staff training seriously

    * Minimum disruption to staff whilst they work

    * Provides the ultimate tool in the management and ongoing maintenance of your site safety        

    * Provides up-to-date training records instantly and in real time

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National Training Card For Business

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