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National Training Card

Carry your training records with you always. Instant access - Online, via Smart Card, NFC sticker or RFID key fob. Records delivered in realtime.

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About National Training Card

  • What's Unique About National Training Card

    The National Training Card uniquely consolidates and stores training records from various sources, offering a comprehensive and centralised repository for a persons qualifications. It provides members with digital smart devices—an ID card with an encrypted QR code, an NFC key fob, and an all-weather Smart Sticker—that allow instant access to these records on demand without needing batteries or replacements.

    The encrypted data access ensures security and live, up-to-date verification, with limited viewing time to protect privacy. Additionally, members can enhance security with a PIN, and employers can manage multiple accounts with overarching settings.

  • Never Without Your Qualifications

    Imagine a world where you never have to worry about proving your qualifications again. With a simple tap on our passive smart devices using any mobile phone, your training records are instantly accessible. 

    This means that all modern smartphones, which are NFC-enabled by default, can verify your credentials without the need for any additional apps or software. Our range of smart devices starts from just £15 per person, making your professional life significantly easier and more efficient.

  • Unmatched Security

    The National Training Card introduces a collaborative and transparent platform for managing training records. Whether you are responsible for your own education or overseeing the qualifications of thousands staff members, our system ensures your records are securely stored online indefinitely. 

    Both you and your employers can upload various types of qualifications directly to your account. This robust platform is designed to be highly secure and GDPR compliant, providing peace of mind and ease of use.

  • With You Always

    No matter where and when you achieved your qualifications, they are always at your fingertips with National Training Card. Our passive smart devices, which include digital ID cards, contactless key fobs, and smart all-weather stickers, do not require batteries. A simple tap with a smartphone gives you instant access to your records. Moreover, these records are encrypted, ensuring your privacy is protected while allowing you to control what personal information you share.

  • Streamlined Verification

    One of the standout features of the National Training Card is the ease and speed of verifying training records. Simply tap a user’s smart device with a smartphone or enter the smart card number on our website to retrieve comprehensive training documentation, including the original source. All modern smartphones can perform this action straight out of the box, making it convenient for both the credential holder and the verifier.

  • Centralised Management

    As a National Training Card administrator, you gain the power to view, manage, and maintain up to 10,000 training records effortlessly. The information is updated in real-time, ensuring that the latest training certifications are always available. Our technology supports third-party training providers, who can upload records directly onto users’ accounts. Replacement cards, tags, and stickers are available on request, making sure that no one is ever without their essential training credentials.

  • One Card To Rule Them All

    The National Training Card eliminates the hassle of managing training records across various industries. Especially for those who frequently need to present proof of training or competency, our passive smart devices offer an unmatched solution. Updated automatically, these devices provide real-time access to training records, using the same technology found in modern debit cards. Our key fobs and anti-metal stickers are universally compatible with all modern smartphones, ensuring seamless and reliable validation of a user’s identity and qualifications.

  • Time & Cost Efficient

    For educators, the National Training Card offers an exceptional way to manage delegate training records. Certificates and ID cards can be issued instantly, and students can be enrolled in courses directly through the system, all at no cost. Educators can also enrol new users onto the National Training Card themselves, earning up to £6 per person. This blend of secure web-based record-keeping and up-to-date contactless technology ensures that training records are always current and quickly accessible.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    The National Training Card leverages advanced contactless technology similar to what is used in debit cards. The card holds essential user information such as name, membership number, and a scannable QR code. Our passive smart devices, including key fobs and smart stickers, contain an NFC chip that works in all environments and weather conditions. These smart devices ensure that your training records remain encrypted and are only accessible through authorized scans or taps.

  • Comprehensive Features

    The National Training Card offers a variety of user-friendly, passive smart devices—none of which require batteries. These devices provide real-time training records using the latest in contactless technology, ensuring the validity of your professional credentials. The system pays for itself by providing timely access to your training history, minimizing downtime, and conveying professionalism. Not only is this tool impossible to forget, but it also reassures clients and key partners that you take your training seriously. Additionally, you will receive reminders when certifications are about to expire, making this the ultimate tool for managing and keeping up-to-date with staff training records.